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THE ULTIMATE of therapeutic fasting is accomplished by the restoration of all physiological function to normal, and, when success attends upon abstinence, normality is the rule, not only with respect to the processes of nutrition, but to those of the sex functions as well. In fact, the organs of sex respond perhaps more readily than do other vital parts to the restorative agencies invoked by reason of abstinence from food.

In woman during a fast the menses may or may not appear. If they do, usually before the period there is disturbance nervous in character, and the flow, either scanty or profuse, may be viscid in consistency and perhaps offensive in odor. After feeding is resumed the monthly discharge may miss one or several periods. Its absence should occasion no anxiety, for in a sense the menstrual flow is at all times a waste product, and in a successfully conducted and completed fast systemic purification has been achieved and but little refuse, if any, remains to be eliminated. Accumulation must again take place ore the periods may be reestablished.

With respect to the menstrual discharge the interesting facts are to be observed that it is of regular recurrence during the bearing period in the females of all mammals; that it is barely perceptible in some; and that in none is it so profuse in quantity as in woman. She is the only female in the animal kingdom who is compelled to undergo a monthly inconvenience of copious flow from the organs of sex. Yet this evidence of function, as natural as is breathing, because of perversion in habit has become aggravated in degree. Profuse discharge from the uterus is the penalty attached to the use of the organs of reproduction for purposes other than those that are legitimate--a perfect demonstration of the universal law of compensation.

In treating disease of the reproductive system in woman, the fast tends both to cleanse and relax, both to relieve congestion and to restore tone. From one to three days without food will serve, in conjunction with accompanying eliminative aids, to correct excessive menstruation, and, when no structural organic defect is present, relief is apparent within twenty-four hours when the flow is attended with pain. In this connection attention is directed to the use of the hot douche, the hot bath, and the enema at the time of the monthly period. It is difficult to assign adequate reason to the strong objection generally made by medical practitioners to the cleansing douche at any time, and especially to its employment when the menstrual flow is on. Cleanliness of the organs of sex is always imperative, and cleanliness with freedom from danger of infection cannot be attained during menstruation unless the parts are bathed both externally and internally. Medical opinion to the contrary, the hygienic accessories mentioned are at all times helpful, and are doubly so when the menses appear.

The menopause or change of life is dreaded by all women. There is never any certainty as to the time of its occurrence, nor any means of foretelling the character of its manifestations. As treatment by means of the fast demonstrates that the menses may be regulated and that assurance of their normal recurrence is possible when natural law is followed, so similarly purification of the system at the time of the menopause, or better, before its appearance, coupled with a correct dietary and judicious exercise, will permit any woman to pass through this experience without evil consequences.

At the time of the change of life many surgical operations are performed upon those women whose previous existence has been such as to foster functional sexual trouble to the degree that structural organic defect in sex organs develops. Then appear fibroid conditions in uterus, affections of various sorts in ovaries and fallopian tubes, and always vaginal discharge abnormal in character. It is useless at this time to indulge in regret because of bodily abuse in the past; the harm has been done; yet, in most instances, these conditions of disease may be remedied, and prevention of surgical operation may be assured by employing the agencies exploited in these chapters. And, previous to the menopause, unless congenital organic disease exists, so-called female troubles may successfully be combated, in fact, need never be known, if the dictates of natural law are accepted and obeyed.

Because of the prevalence of varied forms of sexual distress in woman, not only at the change of life, but throughout adult existence, the object of the fast and its natural eliminative accessories is again repeated and emphasized. At all times the end to be accomplished through abstinence from food is that of bodily purification, systemic cleansing. When correctly administered, a fast for therapeutic purposes causes allergic avenues to be cleared of obstruction, healthy tissue to be deposited in place of that which was diseased, and vital organs to be recuperated to the point of extreme ability to function. By virtue of these achievements the high office of reproduction in woman is not only healthfully stimulated, but is restored virtually to primal ease in gestation and in delivery of offspring. And, when the bearing period ends, the conditions of disease that are its usual accompaniments may, by the means described, be obviated, or, if present, may be relieved to the point of recovery and the enjoyment of future health.

In discussing the problem of sexual disorder of any kind and its relief, but especially with reference to what is known as venereal disease, it is necessary to revert to the primary cause of illness of any sort, lowered nutrition resulting from impairment of the digestive processes. If the individual system be at high resistive level, if the products of elimination be normal in character and are promptly removed as they are produced, the bacillus of gonorrhea, for instance, transferred by contact to either sex, cannot find foothold for increase. It is only when the balance between nutrition and elimination is at fault, when physiological resistance is lowered through digestion defective in function, that infection may occur.

In the past, orthodox treatment of venereal disease has been responsible for much subsequent annoyance and distress, and present prevailing methods of handling this sort of illness show but small improvement over those of the past. Deep injections of antiseptic drugs, aimed at the suppression of nature's curative effort as exhibited in copious secretion issuing from mucus membrane, are always productive of increased irritation, and usually leave as sequels of a gonorrheal infection, gleet, urethral stricture, and prostatitis, if not worse, all more or less permanent physical injuries. Much more logical, and immeasurably more easy of application, are those means by which natural curative processes are assisted and accelerated. Omit food, ply the enema and the bath, rest, and the irritating symptoms will not only subside within a few days, but will disappear, to leave behind them no supervening ills.

And what is true of a symptom, which, like gonorrhea, is in a sense merely local in character, is equally true in the treatment of the dreaded blood taint, syphilis. Here again the criticism is offered that orthodox remedies administered for the suppression of syphilitic symptoms produce effects that are worse in comparison than those of the blood taint itself. Whether congenital or acquired, this symptom, if subjected to the purifying processes of the fast and its accompanying eliminative aids, before the organic lesions characteristic of its later stages develop, will yield to the treatment with success. There will naturally be more difficulty attendant upon its eradication from the system than is the case with gonorrhea! infection, for syphilis is the more deeply seated symptom and affects the blood itself, hence it partakes of the nature of structural defect in a vital organ. But, if it be taken in time, through fasting, systemic purification will surely occur, and eradication of the syphilitic taint be accomplished.

Masturbation, like all other forms of perverted natural function, is of more widely common practice in both sexes than is generally believed. Its beginnings usually occur through the curiosity of pubescence, and it is further stimulated by vicious influences, if these are at hand. But its development into habitual excessive form requires constitutional derangement that combines both physiological and psychological causes in its evolution. A discussion of the latter cannot here be made, but in close connection with the subject matter of the text lies the truth that children fed upon a non-stimulating diet, one free from flesh and embodying only such amounts of the higher forms of protein as are needful for normal growth and bodily maintenance progress to puberty in gradual development, showing fewer tendencies towards sexual abuse or perversion than do those whose dietary includes the flesh of animals and other stimulative kinds of food. Yet, if the habit be developed, again the fast offers relief in the removal of the general cause underlying all symptoms of disease, with the restoration of a condition of morbidity to one of health.

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